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Established: 2005

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 – Queen’s Award: Enterprise (International Trade) for INTO’s first partnership, INTO University of East Anglia

– Education Investor Awards: Runner-up in Education Business of the Year


Since 2005, INTO has started its journey launching joint ventures with a range of universities in the United Kingdom, North America and China. From then with over 10 years of experience, it helps thousands of students every year to study at a leading university. It offers degrees and foundation courses by working together with their university partners and affiliates. Students are able to choose to study from A-levels, foundation, international year one, graduate diploma, pre-masters or an English language course and to prepare for university degrees, learn English, or study at postgraduate level with INTO from its  modern study centres in either campus based universities or sophisticated city centre locations.

Study Programs

  • A-levels: Open at INTO UEA for 5-6 terms
  • Foundation: 2-4 terms programme for progression to1st year of a university degree.
  • International Year One: 3-4 terms programme for progression to 2nd year of a university degree.
  • Graduate Diploma/ Pre-Masters: A 1 term, 3 or 4 term programme for progression to a Master’s degree.
  • English for university study
  • General English

UK Partners


Popular Courses




Art, Design, Media Accounting and Finance Graduate Diploma in Finance
Accounting and Finance International Graduate Medicine Graduate Diploma pathway in Political, Social and International Studies
Architecture Undergraduate Pathway in Arts Graduate Diploma in Management
Business and Management Undergraduate Pathway in Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Pathway in Bioinformatics Management
International Foundation in Business, Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Pathway in Business Graduate Diploma in Science and Engineering
International Foundation in Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Pathway in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Graduate Pathway in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
International Foundation in Humanities and Law Undergraduate Pathway in Sciences Graduate Pathway in Environmental Science
International Foundation in Pharmacy Undergraduate Pathway in Visual and Performing Arts Graduate Pathway in Law (LLM)

English Requirement

  • Minimum IELTS Score –
    International Foundation International Year One Graduate Diploma Undergraduate Pathway Graduate Pathway
    4.0 4.5 4.5 5.5-6.5 6.0-6.5


Tuition fees

  • UK Tuition Fees-
    Centre International Foundation Integrated Programmes International Year One* Degree Programmes** English for University Study
    INTO University of East Anglia £17,495 – £22,745 N/A £17,495 – £22,245 N/A £4,750 per term
    INTO University of Exeter £15,995 – £23,245 N/A £18,495 N/A £4,750 per term
    INTO Newcastle University £17,995 – £23,245 N/A £17,995 – £23,245 N/A £4,750 per term
    Newcastle University London £14,995 – £19,295 £13,980 (Year 1) £14,995 – £19,295 £13,980 per year £4,300 per term
    INTO The University of Manchester £16,495 – £20,945 N/A N/A N/A £4,450 per term
    INTO Manchester Metropolitan University £14,495 – £18,945 N/A £14,495 – £18,945 £12,720 – £14,100 £4,450 per term
    INTO Glasgow Caledonian University £12,495 – £21,395 N/A £12,495 – £19,395 N/A £3,450 per term
    INTO Queen’s University Belfast £15,495 – £24,595 N/A £15,495 – £24,095 N/A £4,450 per term
    INTO City, University of London £15,495 – £21,795 N/A N/A N/A £4,300 per term
    INTO University of Gloucestershire £7,500 – £15,945 £12,495 – £15,945 (Year 1) £12,495 – £15,945 N/A £3,450 per term
    INTO University of Stirling £14,495 – £18,795 £14,495 (Year 1) N/A N/A £4,300 per term
    INTO Manchester £14,495 – £18,945 N/A £14,495 – £18,945 N/A £4,450 per term
    INTO London £17,995 – £22,295 N/A N/A N/A £4,300 per term

    (Source: INTO)

    *Equivalent to studying Year 1 of a UK undergraduate degree

    **For degree programmes at Newcastle University London and St George’s, University of London

    *** Above Information may be subject to change.



  • These scholarships are available at the different member universities and centers of INTO.  Students can avail the scholarships by directly applying online or they can contact the University for the Further Guidance.
    • INTO USF Regional Scholarship
    • USF Green & Gold Presidential Award
    • USF Green and Gold Directors Award
    • USF Green & Gold Scholars Award
    • USF International Student Scholarship
    • USF International Transfer Student Scholarship
    • International Foundation in Humanities, Law and Social Science at INTO University of Exeter valued at £16,475
    • International Foundation in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Physical Sciences
    • International Year One in Psychology
    • Graduate Diploma Scholarships

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